Heineken and John Turturro

Dutch brewer Heineken is working with American actor, writer, and director John Turturro to present a new advertising campaign for Heineken Premium and Heineken Lager. Turturro presents man-to-man advice for beer drinkers who are thinking about their choice of brand.

John Turturro in Heineken commercial

Expedition Leader

John Turturro walks through the Rose Center for Earth and Space, a wing of the Museum of Natural History in New York.

“This is a compass, and you, son, are the navigator. Every man is the leader of his own expedition, the connoiterer of his own uncharted potential. No destination is the destination of the un-destinated. But he who wanders with purpose has no purpose to wander. This is not a beer, this is a compass. So navigate wisely and don’t get lost.”

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John walks through the Village Vanguard jazz club in New York.

“Every man is champion of his own legacy, el creador of his own fortuna. What a man chooses to believe is his reality. What a man chooses to drink is his destiny. This is not a beer. This is a sword, wielded with honor. Don’t cut yourself off. Give yourself a good name.”

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The John Turturro series was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by executive creative director Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, creative director Joe Staples, copywriter Jennie Hayes, art directors Jimm Lasser, Max Erdenberger and Matt Murphy, agency executive producer Ben Grylewicz, agency producer Hayley Goggin.

Filming was shot by director Stacy Wall via Epoch Films with executive producers Mindy Goldberg, Doug Halbert, Charlie Cocuzza, and producer Jeff McDougal.

Editor was Tommy Harden at The Whitehouse Post. Post producer were Justin Kumpata and Patty Brebner at Joint Editorial.

Audio post production was done at POP Sound by Tim West.

VFX was done at Ring of Fire by Casey Conroy with executive produce John Myers, online editor/Flame artist Shelly Dutcher, Flame artists Trent Shumway and Tony Graf.

Music for the Turturro series is “Higher Than The End” by Twi the Humble Feather, from the album, Music for Spaceships and Forests.