Heather Graham vs Insurance Companies in Track Meet

Progressive politics pressure group Moveon.org has enlisted comedy actress Heather Graham to campaign for the public option in the United States health system. Lined up against fit and trim Graham are overweight representatives of CIGNA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health and Humana.

Heather Graham Race

Graham stretches on the pavement while her opponents eat up large. When the gun goes, Graham wastes no time in leaving behind the insurance reps. Actor Peter Coyote provides the voiceover: “Insurance companies have gotten lazy, bloated from the profits of raising our health care costs sky high while the health care crisis keeps getting worse,” the script reads. “A public health insurance option is the key to quality affordable care for Americans. And over 70 percent of Americans want the public option. Some in Washington say this is unfair competition. But competition is as American as apple pie.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


“Track Meet” was produced by Lara Dawn of MoveOn.org and Adam Pierce of Charged, written and conceived by Andrew Boyd of Agit-Pop. Filming was shot by director Yaniv Raz (Heather’s boyfriend) with director of photography Chadwick Davidson, production coordinators Adam Salazar and Daron Murphy. Editor was Robert Mead at Company X. Music is by Daron Murphy of Gowanus Sound Initiative.