Head and Shoulders for Dandruff Circus

Head & Shoulders, Procter Gamble’s anti dandruff shampoo, is presented as the way to deal with distracting dandruff in “Circus”. Pyramid and Catapult show flakes of dandruff performing. “Don’t let dandruff steal your show”.

Head and Shoulders Pyramid

Head and Shoulders Pyramid


The Dandruff ads were developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Vienna, Austria, by creative director/art director Hubert Goldnagl, art director Esben Eherenreich, copywriter Markus Rieser, illustrator Friendly Fire and photographer Joachim Haslinger.

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Location Austria Austria

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  1. Matt says:

    Head and Shoulders is great for people that need a dandruff shampoo which a lot of people do. I enjoy reading information on this site! Look forward to more finds :)

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