Happydent Elephants

Perfetti Van Melle in India is promoting Happy Dent Wave, a liquid filled gum, in “Elephants”, a television commercial filmed in Palakkad, Kerala. The ad begins with a young shepherd who stumbles upon a herd of elephants while looking for his lost sheep. The elephants have come across a truckload of Happydent Wave. Liquid splashed on their tusks provides the elephants with the luminescence they need for night swimming. The film ends with two old men complaining about how there is no light in the village while the jungle is shining bright. “Jangal mein mangal ho raha hai, par gaon mein toh bijli aayi hi nahin bhaiya!”

Happydent Elephants

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The Happydent Elephants spot was developed at McCann Erickson India by excutive creative director Prasoon Joshi.

Filming was shot by Abhijit Chaudhuri (Dadu) via Black Magic Movies, who was involved in the Photo Studio commercial.

Post production and CG work was done at Pixion, Mumbai, by Reynold and Nikhil.

AFAQS in India provides some interesting insights into the making of the film. The original plans for the shoot were to go to Bangkok or Sri Lanka. However it was decided to settle for Kerala, using a dozen timber elephants each with their own mahouts (trainers). Filming the elephants proved to be a challenge, particularly when hoses were used to simulate the effect of the Happydent Wave liquid. The glowing tusk effect was produced. Extra elephants were multiplied on screen for the final shot to give a feel of scale. Mahouts were removed during post production.