Halifax Giving 5

UK bank Halifax has launched a new advertising campaign bringing to life their focus on customers. A range of stunts with human pyramids powerfully dramatises the way that Halifax colleagues work together to give their customers a little help. Employees running from all directions converge in a mall creating a staircase of co-workers to hand-deliver a customer’s £5 Current Account reward. Next, the dedicated Halifax workers pile on, constructing duel sky-high pyramids, to reach a customer on the third floor of a high rise. In a superhuman attempt to catch a customer in a crowd, they create a highway of human posts to run along.

Halifax Giving 5 commercial


The “A Little Help” campaign was developed at Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, by creatives Remco Graham and Richard Holmes, senior producer Christian Lobo, production assistants Greg Kates and Kira Lipscombe.

Filming in New Zealand was shot by Garth Davis via Anonymous Content at Independent, with producer Karen Sproul, executive producer Chris Barrett (Anonymous Content @ Independent)
and executive producer/head of commercials Dave Morrison (Anonymous). Local service production in New Zealand was provided by Declan Cahill at Automatic Films.