Hahn Super Dry in the Spirit of Good Taste

Lion Nathan is launching a new advertising campaign for Hahn Super Dry this weekend, featuring a young man visiting his girlfriend’s family for the first time. The “In The Spirit of Good Taste” campaign features a series of television commercials, an embarrassing ring tone and a web site to house them, www.spiritofgoodtaste.com.au.

Hahn Super Dry in the Name of Good Taste

A young man is getting along fine with the girlfriend’s family until his mobile phone goes off. What would have been a laugh with his mates at the pub becomes the incident that evokes a plea for good taste, backed up with Hahn Premium Light.

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According to Lion Nathan: “The campaign is based on the insight that how people define themselves is a constant work in progress: trying different things, clothes, perspectives – and even people – on for size. In this flirtation with different things, some work out, some don’t, but at some point, everyone needs to let some things go to move forward – and these decisions form the judgement of personal taste.”


The Spirit of Good Taste campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, creative director Simon Langley, art director Paul Bruce, copywriter Steven Thomson, group account director Nick Garrett, account director Simon Jarvis, account manager Clare Kerlin, head of strategy Jeremy Nicholas, strategic planner Christina Aventi, creative services director Jenny Calcott, TV producer Mandy Payne.

Filming was shot by director David Shane via O Positive, with director of photography Anna Howard and producer Marc Grill.

Sound was produced at Song Zu, Sydney. Post production was done at Andy at Bean Colour, and online editor Paul at Cutting Edge. Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine. Music was composed by Tonefarmer, New York.

The web site was created by digital agency Holler Sydney. Media buying is being handled by ZenithOptimedia and PR by ResPublica.

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  • adam boscutti

    How can i get the ring tone from the tv ad.
    I would like it on my phone

  • Dimic


  • mat

    best ring tone ever made on the planet i do want it very badly if someone can help me get it plzz

  • Matt

    Would have been funny if it had not been a rip off of an episode of Two and a Half Men that aired earlier this year in the States.

  • Leo

    click on the link http://www.spiritofgoodtaste.com.au – the ringtone can be download from this site

  • Jasam

    Direct download link as below


    anybody who is the singer ??

  • Robert P

    this add is appalling, everytime it comes on I hit the mute button, do you really expect to sell more beer with this annoying crap ? also why does this advertised web site NOT work (http://www.spiritofgoodtaste.com(.au)), my bet is no one looks and no one cares
    I also bet no one reads this message

  • Smiley

    Thank you for you comment Robert P.
    I thought the ad (notice the one ‘d’) was quite funny, and the commercial has been very popular, just ask anyone from BMF.

  • Ian n

    no body likes a winger Robert P. your the first person that doesn’t like the ad that i know of so why would you got to the effort of telling everyone, when it is obvious nobody would read or care about your comment. if you dont like that much why watch it, maybe you should tell someone who could really does care
    kind regards ian

  • Ian n

    *maybe you really should tell someone who really does care
    kind regards ian

  • Robert P

    The reason I hate this advertisement with a passion is because it shows a moron doing two things that I despise
    1/ having his phone turned on when it obviously should be turned off, an all to common occurence with the moron brigade
    2/ Annoying downloaded ringtones, who would have thought that it would be a money earner selling ringtones to a bunch of bozos

    If I was the annoyed lady depicted in this ad I would have have smashed the neck off the bottle and rammed the jagged glass into his eye socket (just kidding)

    Anyway we are talking about an ad for another mass-produced beer made by an foreign owned multi-national company So who cares !!

  • Nick

    Rob, need a beer to relax?