Bowel Cancer TV Ad Attack in Sydney

Australia’s Gut Foundation has launched an advertising campaign comparing the impact of a terrorist attack with that of bowel cancer. The bowel cancer TV ad has scenes reminiscent of the September 11 bombings in New York, raising awareness of the frightening statistic of 12 people dying each day from the disease.

Gut Foundation Sydney Attack


A shot across the Sydney Harbour from Kiribilli shows high rise buildings in the heart of Sydney burning. We’re shown fire and rescue trucks rushing into the city, with stunned pedestrians looking up at the carnage. The voiceover helps us make sense of the body bags being carried out. “If 12 Australians were killed by terrorists it would be front page news. Yet 12 Australian men and women die from bowel cancer every single day. That’s more than breast cancer but no-one wants to talk about it, even though it’s curable if detected early.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Gut Foundation Attack was developed at Banjo, Sydney, by creative partners Georgia Arnott and Jon Burden, agency producer Meredyth Rudd, account manager Ryan Barlow, media planner Ben Lyttle and managing director Andrew Varasadi.

Filming was shot by director Matt Murphy via Goodoil Films with producer Ben Scandrett Smith.

Editor was Bernard Garry at The Editors. Sound was produced at Song Zu by Simon Cane.