Guinness Tornado Hunters in Africa

Guinness put out a television commercial in September 2008 designed for African audiences, playing with the idea that Guinness’s dark powers might have been harnessed through wild tornadoes. The spot was also shown in Ireland, home of the dark brew. The spot opens on scenes of storm chasers in trucks and helicopters hunting tornadoes through wild terrain, similar to scenes in the 1996 movie Twister. One of the thrill seekers drops a gadget into the eye of a twister whilst the rest of the crew operates top-secret equipment to lure the tornado into a Guinness machine. The spot cuts to a group Guinness-drinkers in a pub, with one of them saying: “Well that’s what I heard, anyway.”

Tornado Hunters in Guinness commercial


The Tornado campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi London by creative directors Tim Hearn and Anton Crone, copywriter Alice Gnodde, art director Larissa Elliott, planners Karl Bates and Yuki Molteni, agency producer Sally Alekna and Toby Clifton, account handlers Frederic Roger and Victoria Reiz.

Filming was shot on location in Spain by director Martin Krejci via Stink with producer Fraser Lawson, and editor Filip Malasek at Robota.

10 foot tornadoes of earth, smoke and flames were created by a special tornado inducing rig in Los Angeles.

Post production was done at Absolute Post London by Flame artist Tom Sparks and VFX producer Sean Feeny.

Audio post production was done at Scramble.