Guinness Bring The Pint To Life

Diageo Great Britain has launched a new TV advert for Guinness, a part of the celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the lease on the St James’s Gate brewery in Ireland.

Guinness Pint Swirls in television commercial

“Bring The Pint To Life” shows black liquid and white foam full of energy and life, resolving into a pint glass of Guinness. The 20 second commercial was launched during the England vs Ukraine football match. Sadly the video has been removed from Youtube.


The Bring It To Life campaign was developed at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, by creative director Paul Brazier and agency producer Yvonne Chalkley.

Filming was shot by director Charlie Stebbings via Steam Media with producer Dominic Seymour.

Editor was Ted Guard at The Quarry. Post production was done at The Mill, London. Visual effects were produced at Asylum by VFX supervisor Mark Mason.

Charlie Stebbings said, “As a director it doesn’t get much better than this: an open brief, a pint of Guinness and one of London’s legendary creatives, Paul Brazier at AMVBBDO. Certainly my crew licked their lips at the prospect. A couple of days throwing gallons of the Black Stuff around in front of camera to ‘Bring the Pint to Life’ was the task, and the energy on screen had to come from within the Guinness itself.”

“The risky business of shooting dark liquid against black at 1000 frames a second was quite a challenge being both director and lighting cameraman, but with the help of Mark Mason at Asylum and their great rigs and pumps, we were able to generate some impressive clashes of liquid, messy but wonderful to watch on playback. Next was just how much do you leave on the cutting room floor from hours of rushes. There are at least another couple of films languishing there. Oh well. The deft scissors of Ted Guard negotiated the way through and what emerged is, I hope, a very new look to the established yet original brand that is Guinness.”