Gruen Transfer Pitches to End London 2012 Olympics

The Gruen Transfer, an ABC production focusing on the advertising industry, this week featured a pitch to steal the 2012 Olympics back from London to Australia. Show host Wil Anderson gave BCM Brisbane and Gatecrasher Perth the challenge of convincing members of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to take the Olympics back from England and give them back to Australia where they rightly belong.

Shotput Riot Police event at 2012 Olympics in Gruen Transfer pitch

Nick Ikonomou from BCM, in his Diary of a Gruen Pitch, explains that the BCM team whittled down a shortlist of four concepts down to two. The first was showing that the Poms don’t actually want the Olympics. The second, used in the show, was to show that Doomsday was due to hit in 2012. Where better to spend Doomsday than sunny and care free Australia?

Adam Barker from Gatecrasher explained for the audience that his team’s concept was based on the observation that England’s economy had gone down the toilet with the Global Financial Crisis. What impact would the inevitable British riots have on the shape of the Olympics? With a little help from British comedian Benny Hill, all is made clear.

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See The Pitch and vote on your favourite at The Gruen Transfer.

2012 Trailer

Roland Emmerich’s film, 2012, due out later this year, would have provided more than enough inspiration for the BCM team.

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