Grow Interactive Thank You Begins with a T

Grow Interactive, in Norfolk, Virginia, has launched an interactive web site providing an opportunity for friends and customers to choose a branded T-shirt and interact with staff. “Thank You begins with a T” features sixteen staff and relatives modeling four t-shirts: Plant, Grow, Daniel, and Lines, in a variety of colours and sizes. Click on the T-shirts at the bottom and wait. Each of the models takes a black marker pen and draws the makings of an interactive experience.

Grow Interactive Ping Pong game

Andrew (Drew) Ungvarsky, the founder of the company when it was known as Drew Media, provides us with a fade switch while his wife Amber draws a bone for the dogs. Jason Levesque, senior designer and animator, draws a picture frame in which the user can control the direction of his eyes with a mouse. Ricky Williams, interactive designer, models his shirt in two editions, the PG and the PG13 edition. Sonya, project manager, has a play with the text and imagery. Sheeryl, office manager, boogies away with the help of play, pause and fast forward buttons. Benjamin, interactive director, and Darius, interactive developer, play ping pong. Gabe Molochko, interactive developer, creates a switch to turn on and off the Chicken Man while his girlfriend Katie draws a light to change the mood. Joe, senior art director, provides the upside down perspective. Matt, art director, draws a bird for that sense of release while his fiancee Emily produces a giant cursor arrow. Josh Newton, junior designer, challenges us to a game of noughts and crosses. Eric Green, business development and marketing, invites to you “Eric” yourself, by uploading your own photograph, while his girlfriend Erin moves all the text in two balloons. Josh McDonald, senior developer, gives visitors a marker pen to use themselves, with the option of sending their art to him by email.

Grow Lines T-Shirt with Drew

Controls in the top right corner include music on and off, full sreen and higher definition. A button in the bottom right corner replays the video for each shirt.

Grow Lines T-Shirt with Eric

Grow Plant T-Shirt with Drew

Grow Plant T-Shirt with Jason

Grow Plant T-Shirt with Sheryl

Grow T-Shirt with Benjamin

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