Greenpeace Grafitti on Australian News Portals

Greenpeace today staged a protest advertising campaign on the news portal sites for The Australian and The Courier Mail. A protester walks out on to the page, sprays the words, “Toodle-oo Tuvalu? Your call, Kev. Greenpeace”.

Toodle Oo Tuvalu Spraypainter on The Australian

The stunt is connected to protests at the Hay Point coal point near Mackay, connecting coal export with global warming and the threat of rising waters on Tuvalu in the Pacific. 10 climbers including activists from Fiji, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Australia have occupied the port and interrupted operations.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is hoping that the integrated campaign will build public awareness of the need for climate change policy change in both Australia and New Zealand. “It’s time New Zealand and Australia’s leaders actually listened to our neighbours on the urgency of climate change. If they want to retain credibility in the Pacific, they need to listen to its people and reflect their concerns.”


The online campaign was developed at Draft FCB by creative director Peter Novosel, art director Taimi Soome, and account manager Alison Ray.

Peter Novosel, interactive creative director at DraftFCB, said “The idea needed to be disruptive to capture the attention and imagination of millions of eyeballs all in the space of one day. We’re ecstatic about the work and the response.”