Greenpeace and Dirty Kev at Copenhagen

Greenpeace in Australia recently launched “Dirty K#V”, a campaign focusing public attention on the role to be played by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference in December 2009. Greenpeace is challenging Kevin Rudd to put the environment before the economic drivers of the coal industry. “Imagine a world where Kevin Rudd’s name is a swear word. K#v’n ruddy hell! Well, it may well be the case if Rudd does a dirty deal at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen this December”. At Australians are invited to tell Rudd that if he does a dirty deal in Copenhagen, they’ll make his name a dirty word. The campaign’s humour is connected with Kevin’s reputation for colourful language in private gatherings.

Greenpeace K#V Haircut poster

Greenpeace K#V Radiator poster
Greenpeace K#V Ironing poster

The Dirty Kev campaign was given an ambient flavour on September 22 with a flash mob appearance on the steps of teh Town Hall in Sydney. At 1 pm mobile phone alarms went off in the crowd, providing the cue for a clustered phone calls to members of Parliament about a binding, fair and ambitious deal in Copenhagen.

Greenpeace K#V Flash Mob

Dirty Kev message stencils have been used for clean grafitti pushing the Dirty Kev message in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. Don’t Kev It Up!

Greenpeace Dirty K#V Stencil on Wall


The Dirty K#V campaign was developed at Republic of Everyone. Filming was shot by director Eran Thomson at Notice Corp.