Goodbye Bush

Veet, the Reckitt Benckiser brand of chemical depilatory (hair removal), was at the centre of a classic ad placement on Wednesday January 21, on the occasion of Barack Obama’s inauguration and George W Bush’s departure for Texas. The simple newspaper advertisement, placed in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Melbourne’s Herald Sun, simply reads “Goodbye Bush”. Placed under a photograph of Barack Obama, the double entendre seemed to hit the mark in the Australian public. The ad quickly was sent around members of the creative industry, leading to it being placed in the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette.

Veet Goodbye Bush print advertisement


The Goodbye Bush advertisement was developed at EURO RSCG Australia, Sydney, by executive creative director Rowan Dean, art director Patryjca Lukjanow, copywriter John Gault, working with Veet category manager Anja Voss and brand manager Paula Hutchings.

Media agency OMD worked with the two News Corp papers to ensure placement appeared at the right time.

Tim Burrowes at Mumbrella has a helpful scan of the blogosphere’s response to the campaign, revealing that art director Patryjca Lukjanow and copywriter John Gault had the concept in mind from before the US elections.