Good Without God in New York

Big Apple CoR, a collection of New York groups associated with the US wide Coalition of Reason, is launching a subway advertising campaign with the slogan, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?”. The monthlong campaign points pedestrians in twelve Manhattan subway stations to

Good without God poster

The subway campaign is timed to concide with the launch of a a new book called “Good Without God” by Greg Epstein, humanist chaplain at Harvard University.

The subway station advertisements were chosen for the $25,000 campaign because they were the best deal for the given budget, said Michael De Dora Jr., the executive director for the New York branch of the Center for Inquiry. A Times Square ad would have cost $45,000 to $50,000 for a month, while a campaign that blanketed the inside of subway cars would have cost $70,000. Mr. De Dora said the million-person estimate of New Yorkers who do not believe in God was an extrapolation from surveys on religion. The American Religious Identification Survey, which was released earlier this year, showed that those who put “none” for religion had risen to 15 percent in 2008, from 8 percent in 1990. Based on their projections, New York City, with its 8.3 million population, would have more than a million nonbelievers, Mr. De Dora said.

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  • Well of course. It’s easy to be good without God, because without a reference point, each individual can conveniently define “good” as just slightly worse than themself.

  • Georgia

    A ‘God’ is not necessary and the epitomy of all good values- we shouldnt adopt good values because God said so but because being a good person is part of humanity.. not something that was only invented when religion was.

  • Bill Porter

    If you don’t want god in your life that is okay with me, but since only 15% of americans don’t believe in god, I think that puts you in the minority. This country was founded by god fearing people that worked their fingers to the bone to have the things that everyone wishes to have, which is life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. Your intitled to your opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.

  • Erika

    Go to to see the counter-campaign launched by the multi-faith organization GOD IS ALL THERE IS.

    After reviewing the site, join their facebook fan page:
    This group is for fans of GOD IS ALL THERE IS at, a multi-faith response to the atheist campaign (found at, which is running a huge propaganda effort in New York City this month to promote the idea that life is “good without God”. They are planning to spread this campaign to other states. Please join today to show the world that there are still millions of believers of all faiths who are willing to stand up for GOD.

  • sarah

    God have mercy against this country!

  • jeffrey

    if not for god who created the universe? if not for god who should we fear or love? was it not the hand of god that hase made america the great nation that it was and will be again by his grace? the news is full of the acts of people who eather dont fear god or dont belive that god exists,the following is an example of how well we do without god, theft,murder,rape,arson,drugabuse,achaolisim,kidnaping,extortion, homelesnes,fruad,polution,babys left in dumpsters,lack of people willing to work,lack of jobs for those who are willing to work, unsecured borders, idiots who think that elegal alenians should be given the same rights as u.s. citizens! the word god is stricken from the pledge of alegance in many places, while satanic worship is protected under the constituion, and while we are on the subject,do you like your freedoms? howabout thanking god and those who serve in our armed forces to protect those freedoms, are you more worried that your lattee is geting cold you poor baby!you belive what you want, as for me god bless america.

  • JoeAnne

    If if was or it wasn’t good without God we can only saw at the end of times, not now. Bible Scripture taught me a few things that needs to be applied in this life and I believe in them. But everybody is free to believe whatever they want. I wouldn’t buy this professor’s book not in a million years though.

  • joselyn

    absolutely NOT!!

  • joselyn

    I am THANKFUL to have the Lord in my life!

  • Karina

    God is not here to fix our problems for what i know christians are happy but have a lot of things to deal with mainly because they have to do everything the hard way which is the right way, they want to pass the test God has given them. God is not a wishing fountain but the maker of all things the one who takes us to heaven. Lets not forget about Jesus which is the bridge from humans to God.