Going Google Billboards and Posters

Google is launching the “Going Google” billboard campaign in U.K., France, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore, building on the advertising campaign first launched in the USA in August 2009. The outdoor campaign is designed to encourage businesses to use Google apps to give their employees access to shared documents, calendars, email, in competition with Microsoft’s Exchange and Sharepoint programs. Each of the billboards is designed to be daily updated, with the only constant being the web site, google.com/gogoogle.

Going Google Billboard 1

Going Google Billboard 2

Going Google Billboard 3

Going Google Billboard 4

Going Google Billboard 5

Google’s marketing team has also been busy encouraging viral activity with a GoogleAtWork Twitter account, a Google Apps Spread the Word resource page. Three office posters are designed to be left strategically on the desks of decision makers and office noticeboards: “Please Go Google”, “My Inbox is Full” and “We Need to Go Google”.

Going Google Poster

Going Google Poster

Click on the image below to play the August Billboard Preview video.

Click on the image below to play the October 15 International Campaign video.

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