Go Compare Gio The Tenor

Go Compare, a site dedicated to comparing insurance deals, is responsible for one of the most memorable television advertising campaigns in the UK for 2009. Gio, the opera singer, has become one of Britain’s most adored and detested characters with his musical “Gio Compare” campaign. Online at www.giocompare.com, the moustached tenor directs Brits to the insurance site while offering ringtones, voicemail alerts, email alerts, text alerts and tips on growing a moustache. He’s in the news at the moment for being unable to sing in public because of his dose of swine flu.

Gio Compario in the snow for Go Compare

Central to the campaign is a remake of the George M Cohan classic ‘Over there’, sung by Welsh tenor Wynne Evans. The campaign was launched first with a guerilla campaign asking the question, “Who is Gio?” The answer to that question can now be found online at www.giocompario and on the Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter channel.

Coffee Shop

The first commercial from Gio Compario the opera singing star from the Gocompare.com TV adverts.

New Motor

Upon arriving home with an exotic sports car, a hopeful driver is confronted by his wife on the likely insurance costs.


A couple look at their repair bills and wonder how much the insurance will cost.

Finishing School

Barcombe Ladies Academy’s car insurance class is given a musical break by Gio Compario.

Business Lunch

Two businessmen talk about what smart people are looking at.

Lyrics for Go Compare

Each of the ads has a different variation on the lyrics. Here’s one version…

Gocompare gocompare
to be sure when you insure first gocompare
When your choices are many
you could save a pretty penny
When you go online to gocompare
When in doubt check them out
with just a few clicks and your spondoolicks
And you’ll thank your stars that you went to gocompare
Yes you’ll thank your stars that you went to gocompare


The Gio campaign was developed by husband-and-wife advertising team Chris Wilkins and Sian Vickers, who are well known for their “Smash Martians” campaign for Cadbury’s Smash and their work with Direct Line.

Filming was shot in South Africa by Graham Rose via Generator Films.

Music was composed and arranged by Stuart Wood via Jeff Wayne Music.