Gnarls Barkley Mystery Man

Directing duo Walter Robot, also known as Bill Barminski and writer Christopher Louie, paired up to produce the Mystery Man music video for music duo Gnarls Barkley: Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) and Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway).

Gnarls Barkley in Mystery Man animated music video

Mystery Man, released in November 2008, shows a 2D animated one-eyed superhero flying through the sky dealing with the disintegration of characters below, himself struggling with wounding words such as “Superman U Suck” and “Hang”. In the meantime Gnarls Barkley perform on a rooftop stage under the name of Astro. Finally the superhero gets on his bike and tackles the great Puzzle Attack monster.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Animation was directed and produced by Walter Robot via Merge at Crossroads, using original artwork by Bill Barminski, with executive producer Joe Uliano.

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