GIO Cover the Details Together

GIO Australia is promoting insurance deals with a campaign of animation, “Cover the Details”, presenting their products in a world of complex characters.

Mr Meticulous in GIO commercial

Mr Meticulous, the first in the campaign, presents a day in the life of a man who is compelled to adjust his environment, including the crows in the back yard. “What it is to be meticulous, we don’t find at all ridiculous. At GIO we get that fact. Its our thing too to be exact. Insurance. Nitty Gritty. We step through together. And consider your questions about, whatever. No what ifs. That’s for sure. You’re certain what you’re covered for. With GIO you’ll know where you stand. Right down to that last detail at hand. GIO. We cover details.

Click on the image below to play the Meticulous video.

The second commercial, Safety Net, shows a home being rebuilt, promoting GIO’s home insurance cover.

Click on the image below to play the Safety Net video.

Here’s the Flash animation from the GIO site.

Cover the Details Credits

The “Cover the Details” campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by executive creative director Andy DiLallo and Jay Benjamin, senior art director Tim Green, copywriter Gary Dawson and Rupert Taylor, agency producer Adrian Shapiro, account managers Josh Grace, Eleni Pelose, Annabelle Morris, Ros Strong.

Animation by Against All Odds, Stockholm, was produced at XYZ Studios by executive producer Hamish Macdonald (XYZ) and Josh Thorn (Against All Odds). Against All Odds staff were creative directors Derek Picken and Niklas Rissler, producer Josh Thorne, production coordinator Rima Kassar.

3D and post services were produced at Milford, Stockholm, by post producer Johan Gustavsson, VFX Supervisor John Roxenhed, animation supervisor Jonas Moberg, project manager Martin Widö, look development Daniel Holmgren, 3d Artists Lead Robert Krupa, Dan Faxe, Jonas Laurell, Hannes Drossel, Stefan Lagerstam, Sebastian Ekman, Gustav Tell, Daniel Bystedt, Veronica Skogberg, Kristian Mårtensson, animators Lead Tommie Löfkvist, Jonas Forsman, Laurent Clermont, Calle Halldin, Kristian Rydberg, Tim Van Hussen, 2d artists Fredrik Pihl, Sophie Ljunggren and John Wallin.

Sound was produced at Sound Reservoir. Music is by Eclectic Music.