Geico Gecko on YouTube

Geico‘s Gecko is building a presence on YouTube, despite most of the classic television commercials being kept offline. The “It’sthegecko” YouTube channel has attracted 7340 subscribers and 2530 friends, pulling 2.2 million views for the Numa Numa stunt, and numerous visits for Laughing Baby, Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, Gecko on an Accordion (response to Hamster on a Piano), Winterrowd Maze (Winterrowd maze challenge game), the Guinness World Record for T-Shirts (in response to Matt McAlister), and Two Talking Cats, and takes a picture of himself every day for two years. The most recent addition to the channel is an Evolution of Dance mutation.

Geico Gecko Evolution of Dance

The Gecko joins inspirational comedian Judson Laipply for half a minute of reflected glory in Evolution of Dance. Numa Numa guy, Gary Brolsma hit YouTube again in March 2009 with the Gecko and the track from the Kash ads, “Somebody’s Watching Me”, remixed by Mysto and Pizzi. The Gecko has five seconds to compete for the drama prize with the Dramatic Chipmunk.

Geico Gecko Credits

The online Geico Gecko campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, by creative directors Cliff Sorah and Steve Bassett, associate creative director Mike Lear, and senior art director Ron Villacarillo, agency producers Alex Scheer and Valerie Battenfeld, in collaboration with the original creators of the videos. Geico media agency Horizon Media worked with video-sharing sites YouTube, Metacafe, Break, Dailymotion and Slide to create a media plan that would allow the parody videos to display close to the originals.

Filming was shot by director Sunny Zhao via Dreams Factory with executive producer Tim Dowdle, lead editor/animator Chris Hagen and Andrew Prousalis. Sound was produced at In Your Ear. Music was by Agent Jackson.

“This is an exciting experiment for Geico and a radical departure from our traditional media placements and strong ‘call to action’ messages,” said Ted Ward, vp of marketing for Geico, in a statement. “The gecko and some of our other icons have a passionate fan base and we think people will appreciate the ‘surprise’ of seeing them pop up in unexpected places. No call to action, no Web site address or 1-800 number, just a bit of entertainment courtesy of Geico.