GE Pluck Dueling Banjos

GE (General Electric) is promoting its work on the smart grid technologies with “Pluck”, a television commercial featuring banjo playing pylons.

GE Pylons pluck cables to play dueling banjos

What would happen if you took 21st century technology and made it available in the 21st century? The Smart Grid concept involves taking wind sun and biogas power from one part of the country and delivering it to the rest of the country.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Pluck ad was developed at BBDO, New York, by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Don Schneider, senior creative director Tom Darbyshire and Ted Shaine, director of broadcast production Regina Ebel, agency producer Regina Iannuzzi and director of music Rani Vaz.

Filming and animation were produced at Semerad. Editor was Sherri Margulies at Crew Cuts. Music was produced at DHMA.

Dueling Banjos

“Duelling Banjos” was composed in 1955 by Arthur Smith as a banjo instrumental called “Feudin Banjos”, recorded with a four string and a five string banjo. The track was rearranged for guitar and banjo for the 1972 movie Deliverance by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandel.

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