Gay campaign from Amnesty Hong Kong

Amnesty International In Hong Kong recently launched a print advertising campaign raising awareness of discrimination against homosexuals. The organisation’s LGBT group works to publicise and campaign on behalf of cases of human rights abuses committed on the grounds of actual or perceived sexual identity. Locally, the group campaigns for anti-discrimination legislation to be introduced to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual identity / orientation.

Amnesty International Gay print advertisement

“Everyone should be gay in society. Unfortunately they are not. The gay community in Hong Kong faces discrimination in housing, jobs benefits and immigration. How can they be happy if they are discriminated because of their sexuality. If you want to bring happiness to gay people all over the world, please go to to give your support.”

Amnesty International Gay print advertisement

Amnesty International Gay print advertisement


The Gay campaign was developed at Grey Hong Kong, by executive creative director Keith Ho, creative directors Ray Lam and Keith Lo, art directors Ciff Luk and Michelle Woo, copywriters Joshua Wong and Tony Chan, and illustrator Monkey Leung.

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