Gathering Storm Over Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

National Organization for Marriage, a conservative lobby group in the United States, has launched a nationwide advertising campaign designed to recruit two million like minded people to become activists in the fight against pro gay marriage state legislation. NOM has launched “A Gathering Storm”, an advertising campaign developed in collaboration with Schubert Flint Public Affairs, the same group that managed the Prop 8 Campaign in California in 2008. The $1.5 million nationwide ad campaign claims that same-sex marriage poses a threat to the core civil rights of all Americans who believe in marriage as the union of a husband and wife.

Gathering Storm screenshot

Actors deliver the concerns, standing in for specific individuals and groups who have clashed with state legislation on human rights. “There’s a storm gathering. The clouds are dark and the wind is strong. And I am afraid. Some who advocate for same sex marriage have taken the issue far beyond same sex couples. They want to bring the issue into my life. My freedom will be taken away. I’m a California doctor who must choose between my faith and my job. I’m part of a New Jersey church group punished by the government because we can’t support same-sex marriage. I am a Massachusetts parent helplessly watching public schools teach my son that gay marriage is OK. But some who advocate for same sex marriage have not been content with same sex couples living as they wish. Those advocates want to change the way I live. I will have no choice. The storm is coming.”

Damon Owens (Joy Filled Marriage) says, “We have hope. A rainbow coalition of every creed and color coming together in love to protect marriage.”

The Viral Impact

Comments on the NOM YouTube channel have been largely negative. HRC (Human Rights Campaign) has launched the campaign into viral significance, renaming the advertisement, “Lies from the “National Organization for Marriage“, and providing their own campaign, End The Lies.

Steve Hall at Adrants provoked a storm of comments with his post, We Just Don’t Understand Anti-Gay Marriage Logic. Dabitch at Adland points out that the Gathering Storm campaign is a classic piece of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) propaganda. Judging from the online conversation that has developed in response to the Gathering Storm campaign, this campaign’s attempt to connect faith and politics has done little for the cause of conservative religion among its knockers. It will be interesting to see if the NOM get their two million activists.

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