Gap Cheer Factory

Gap, the USA clothing chain, is preparing for the holiday season with “Cheer Factory”, an online interactive campaign designed to get more customers into their stores for customizable and wearable clothes. The American Family Association oraganised a boycott on GAP products over concern that Christmas was being associated with the pagan festival Solstice, but have suspended the action after Gap promised a more Christmas focused Old Navy ad.

Gap Holiday Cheer dancers

Visitors to the Gap Cheer Factory are given a choice of cheeky holiday-related cheers performed by a cheer squad dressed in Gap “Classic Cozy Cabin” winter clothes. Happy Whateveryouwannakah, Good Luck with That Bird, Vegetarian RSVP, Merry Birthday and Still Got That Receipt are only half of the ten greetings available. Site users have the opportunity of personalising the cheers by writing the names of their friends and sending the cheer on through Facebook, Twitter or email.

A series of television commercials features choreographed dancers wearing what looks like as many Gap products as possible belt out songs about defying convention, and are supported by print, outdoor and instore elements.

Go Ho Ho

Two, Four, Six, Eight, tis the time to liberate
Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanza, Go Solstice.
Go classic tree, go plastic tree, go plant a tree, go add a tree,
You 86 the rules, you do what feels just right.
Happy do whatever you wanukkah, and to all a cheery night.

Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, go whatever holiday you wanukkah!

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The Cheer Factory campaign was developed at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, directed by Michael Gracey and Pete Commins via Partizan with music produced by Pharell Williams.