Galileo uses Siminn Phone

Iceland telecom Siminn promoted their 3G internet access in 2008 using a television commercial featuring Galileo and leaders of the Catholic Church, continuing in the same vein as the controversial 2007 ad featuring Jesus, Judas and the Last Supper.

Galileo in Siminn commercial

Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, played by Icelandic comedian and creative director Jón Gnarr, is being tried for blasphemy in the Pope’s court. When the officers of the inquisition ask for evidence that the earth revolves around the sun Galileo pulls out his mobile phone. “Not this Copernicus crap again! That’s just an ordinary phone!” “No it’s a 3G mobile! You can go on the internet and google it”. “He continues his blasphemy! The internet is just a fad. Throw him in the dungeon!” Galileo beseeches the Pope for mercy and says the internet is the way of the future. The follow up advertisement shows Galileo chained up in prison, with a choice of three friends. In real life Galileo’s 1633 trial led to him being sentenced to house arrest. He died in 1642.

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Behind the Scenes

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The Galileo series was developed at EnnEmm by executive creative director, art director/agency producer Hjörvar Harðarson, creative director/copywriter Jón Gnarr, and advertiser’s supervisor Petrea I. Guðmundsdóttir.

Filming in Portugal was shot by directors Samuel and Gunnar (Samuel Bjarki Petursson and Gunnar Pall Olafsson) via Sagafilm, with producers Kristinn Thordarson and Hugi Halldórsson.