Freeview More of the Same Zeitgeist

Dan Ilic of Downwind Media is kicking up a storm over the Freeview advertising campaign launched in Australia in November 2008, with a provocative video consistent with his earlier parodies of the Where The Bloody Hell Are You campaign.

Freeview Screens

This is Freeview coming soon in 2009

All Free to Air channels in Australia joined together in November 24, 2008, to broadcast this video. Seven, Nine, TEN, ABC, SBS, Prime, WIN and Southern Cross signaled the new digital regime will offer 15 channels, including those already on air, and an Electronic Programme Guide. The concept for the spot was developed at The Furnace, Sydney. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

More of the Same

Ilic adapts the Freeview commercial, tying in elements of Zeitgeist, a very similar commercial made by Ogilvy London for the Ford Fiesta, launched in the European market in 2008. Ilic describes this parody as Massage My Medium (or how to save TV in 55 minutes), a comedy show from Dan Ilic and Marc Fennell to be entered in the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube