Freedom From Religion on the Buses

The Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin, has launched a bus advertising campaign featuring quotes from six famous skeptics about the existence of God. Six advertisements are being presented in the interior of buses, in contrast to the “Probably No God” messages launched by the British Humanist Association in London.

Richard Dawkins in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins smiles at passengers with a line from his best selling book, The God Delusion: “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction.”

Clarence Darrow in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

Clarence Darrow, the agnostic “attorney for the damned” who famously represented John Scopes in the 1925 Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tenn., appears somewhat grumpy with his quote: “I don’t believe in God, because I don’t believe in Mother Goose.”

Emily Dickinson in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

19th century American poet Emily Dickinson provides the lines of her 1860 poem, slightly amended for the advertisement. Dickinson, whose poetry became well known after her death, wrote conventional poetry about religion and reflected on her own religious experience. However she did not easily fit into the fervent Evangelical culture of the seminary and congregation.

“Faith” is a fine invention
When gentlemen can see–
But microscopes are prudent
In an emergency!

Butterfly McQueen in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

Butterfly McQueen, known for her role as “Prissy” in the movie, “Gone with the Wind,” said in an interview with the Atlanta Journal and Constitution in 1989: “As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of religion.” McQueen was a lifelong atheist, and became a lifetime member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Mark Twain in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

Mark Twain, author of the irreverent War Prayer and Letters from the Earth, provides a quote from his 1894 novel Puddinhead Wilson: “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”

Katharine Hepburn in Freedom From Religion bus advertisement

Actress Katharine Hepburn was quoted in Ladies Home Journal, October 1991, “I’m an atheist, and that’s it. I believe that there’s nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for other people”.

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  • max benser

    I am an Atheist to, but 100%, and that,s it!!!
    1. I know, why I am an Atheist to, because I
    2. hate realy Pedophily and Cannibalism in the
    3. Bible, or Genocide and Racism! I must say,
    4. what I think about criminal Bible!!!
    5. Our christian Education is a criminal to!
    6. And not only Education, Society to!

    Atheist 100%

  • madox

    What is it Atheism first!!!
    This is to say something about Genocide, War and
    Racism, or Pedophily in the Bible! Atheism is a
    new way to self Life no Boss!!


  • max bensers

    I think, therefore, I am an Atheist!
    1. The God of Old Testament is a Hitlers Brother!
    2. He killed to much Childrens, Womens, Nations! 70 Nations!
    3. I cannot akcept christian Believ and Religion!
    4. Because is a to much Violence and Cruelty in Old and New Testament!
    5. This is the biggest problem of 21-te Century!
    6. Know, We have one big problem: Contiminatingsarea on Middle East,
    7. and in Areas of ex-Jugoslavia!
    8. U.S. Evangelical Church direkting Nuclearwars!

    Atheist 100%


    I Never understood,an atheist,says ‘I don’t believe in god.”right?…Well,to me that makes no sense because,You must believe in god,to say he isn’t,or it isn’t.If it really was not there,in your beliefs,there is nothing to talk about.Because it’s not there.Like saying,”Nothing is not there.”duh ! See? I thought some were just looking to argue,debate,prove a point.Boring.”God is Hitlers brother.”c’mon will ya,get a life !I believe NOT in any organized religion,BUT I must say they help the masses of morons,who need a place to gather to be stupid.The universe is.And I am in it,so I IS TOO!Well I mean I am,am part of it,everything is a part of it.Jupiter is in it too,it’s allot bigger than I am,But I can THINK,Jupiter can’t.I feel I am without the ability to fully understand the how and why of it all.Sooooooo,I’m cool wit that.Now in Cern,they have discovered the “GOD” partical.Makeing matter from nothing,well not nothing,smashing two atoms together at the speed of light.BANG…Matter,hence the start of the universe.Now they will start chasing down the atom,so good!We are a curious lot,are we not?

    • JTK

      So you would have to agree with the statement “you must believe in Thor to say he doesn’t exist.”

      Either you agree with that phrase or you are a hypocrite.

      I doubt you will ever see this, seeing as it has been months, but it never hurts to speak up when one notices idiocy.

    • A1

      By your twisted logic, that means that I have to believe in unicorns or aliens to say they don’t exist. But if I believed in something, WHY would I be saying that it doesn’t exist? What an incredibly stupid comment.

      • Rodrigo

        You are so wrong! It is not a matter of believing in the certainty of a particular concept, but, instead of that, all this is about a concept, clearly stated and defined, for which you can say it is false AFTER A PROPER DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPT ITSELF. You can’t say you don’t believe in Osiris or the Christian god, or the Smurfs if you don’t define or adhere to an already stated definition

    • Scribblerlarry

      Let’s ge one thing straight. That particle was never, by scientists, balled the GOD particle. Here’s how it came to be called that: A senior physicist was being interviewed by a magazine reporter about his work in trying to prove the existence of a theoretical particle called the Boson particle. During the interview the reporter asked him how they were coming along at proving the existence of that Boson particle.

      Before seriously answering that question, the physicist smiled and muttered, “That god-damned particle…” The reporter included that unfortunate phrase in his story. His editor wouldn’t allow the word “damned” so it got shortened to “That god……. particle.”

      Unhappily that tag stuck.

      That’s all there is folks. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “God” at all. Nor with the “creation” of the universe. The Boson particle is thought to be instrumental in the existence of gravity – not matter.



    Watch ZeitGeist the movie,it gets on organized religion and government,as ways for the Ruling Elite (The 1% that takes it all) to rule the masses use us to oil their money/power making machine.I liked it.How the jesus story has been told over and over in history,virgin birth,crucified,risen,crap,don’t people understand how uneducated,the common person was way back then?Enter the CON-MAN,..Problems? I can help.I TALKED to GOD,last night,and HE told ME to TELL YOU this…………………………….And so it started,passed from father to son,mother to daughter (gotta get em while their young,and press it on their brain.) for thousands of years,mix this with poverty,no education,stupidity,hello world…!Add greed,being power hungry,wanting to RULE,and have no care for human life,hello “The Sixty Families”(google it) who rule the USA,use it as a front for world domination,add to this another ninety families worldwide,all laying out plans for the future of THEIR earth.So much going on,all on this tiny,tiny blue orb,called earth.Me thinks it will be another thousand or two years before these human animals start to get it straight.Well,if i’m lucky I’ll get another forty,then,…another demension ?? don’t know.My energy,will still be here,in the universe,I’ve felt it,someones energy,or something,don’t know,pushed me,and saved my life,more than once.Why do people who DON’T believe on god,talk about him so much???????How about science?How about frogs?How about energy?You know something that is,instead of something that isn’t ??????

  • Andrew

    I really like the way Steve Pavlina talks about Religion. Religion is just a way of perceiving reality. And if U’re straight atheist of Christian or anybody else – it means You limit your options. It is better to take the best from all the religions then to be in the boundaries of one.

    Nobody can say anything about something if he haven’t even try. There are lots of useful things in buddism – meditations, ways of developing conscience. in Christianity – it teaches U to be good to people. in Atheism – It teaches U to be responsible for your own life. I think this is great way of looking to life!

    What do you think?

  • Dariya

    I also think that It’s better to take the best from all the religions then to be in the boundaries of one.

  • Andrew

    You got it =)

  • Scribblerlarry

    We atheists could help lessen the confusion that religionists (and many atheists) have about us if we’d first be clear about one thing.

    “An atheist is a non-believer in a god or gods.”

    This does NOT mean that we “believe” there is NO god.
    This means that we have no BELIEF that there is a god.

    Is the difference clear to you? The first says that we have a belief; the second says that we do not have a belief.

    If you claim to have a belief, for or against the existence of a god, you must be prepared to support that belief with evidence. If you have no belief then you need never offer evidence of something that you don’t have, i.e. a belief.

    Both religionists and agnostics will claim that you do have a belief even though you don’t. Both will claim that their unproven belief is equal to your “belief” and has status as valid as yours. This is a straw man argument based on them claiming that you just have a different belief when you actually have no belief. Both will try to make you “prove” your belief. It isn’t Your belief at all. It is they who believe that you have a belief; not you.

    Do not fall for this silly trap. State clearly that you DO NOT HAVE a belief in god(s).

  • Adam Hocking

    I enjoy the debate and wish religion was something we as a society could talk about without our hackles raising. If you would like, please come visit my site: We try to inject intelligent discourse into the sports world, and we like to attract thoughtful people.

  • Crystal

    Of course everyone’s entitled to their beliefs. I am also. There is a God. Whether you believe in Him or not, he’s there. He exists. And one day You will all regret denying him. Just because science can not prove something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Science can’t prove he DOESN’T exist, either. I’m not one of those people who just follow blindly. I question EVERYTHING. And he exists. Glory Be to God.

    • Philip Richard Shakespeare

      He exists?, which of the three thousand or so gods is yours? Probably the one that closely matches your ethnicity and geographic location.

  • Tom Lessing

    Clarence Darrow’s pseudonym must have been “Mother Goose.”