Flash Bistrotheque at Royal Academy of Arts

Flash Bistrotheque, by David Kohn Architects, UK, was awarded a Yellow Pencil for Leisure Tourism in Environmental Design at the D&AD Awards presented in London on June 11, 2009. Flash was a temporary restaurant set up in the West Room of 6 Burlington Gardens, London, as part of the season of contemporary arts, GSK Contemporary hosted by the Royal Academy of Arts, open for three months through to January 2009.

Flash Bistrotheque

The Flash Bistrotheque project was designed to make the most of the existing architecture, co-opting its grandness into the project, while achieving a light, playful atmosphere. A new timber structure made of stacked art crates was erected between each of the room’s cast iron columns, accentuating their presence and framing the three major windows on the west wall. Each section of wall was divided following Classical rules of composition. The effect was to tighten the proportions of the space lending the interior a more elegant character.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Art direction was provided by clients Pablo Flack and David Waddington at Bistrotheque. Architectural design was provided by David Kohn Architects. Illustrations and carpets were designed by Rory Crichton. Chandeliers were designed by Giles Deacon. Crockery was provided by Will Broome. The video was edited by Chris Vincze, with sound produced by Kip Parker.

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