Firekites Autumn Story

Firekites, an Australian band, have released a stop motion chalk board music video for “Autumn Story”, a single from their debut album ‘The Bowery’. Autumn Story uses stop motion filming to capture dynamic chalk board drawings on 1900 frames. Whispers are sent from ear to ear. Birds fly from board to board. A cat makes its way around the studio, jumping from frame to frame. Whiskers, fish, boats, hats, clouds, diamonds, clocks and trees, all flow into each other to visually express the folk rock feel of the track.

Firekites Autumn Story Cat on chalkboards

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Autumn Story music video was co-directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber. The set of animations took six months to prepare. See Lucinda Schreider’s Vimeo channel and Yanni Kronenberg’s Vimeo channel.

Firekites was formed in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, by Tim McPhee & Rod Smith in 2005 as a lo-fi acoustic guitar project. Later, friends were invited to play on songs that started with two guitars and ended up with a lot more. A record was made…written and recorded in a vacant dance-hall/bookstore called, The Bowery. Firekites is now Pegs Adams, Ben Howe, Jason Tampake, Tim & Rod.

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