Finansbank Accident for Auto Insurance

Finansbank in Turkey promoted their auto insurance with “Accident”, an award winning print advertisement presenting a billboard from the perspective of an upturned car. The ad won a Bronze Press Lion at Cannes, and a Silver Drum in Portoroz, Slovenia this month.

Finansbank Accident print advertisement


The Accident was developed at DDB&CO. Istanbul by creative director Karpat Polat, copywriter Bahadirhan Peksen, art director Selim Unlusoy, account manager Leslie Kandiyoti Mori, account executive Emine Sarpyener, account team Filiz Rezazade, Serkan Mustafaoglu and Mehmet Hasilci.

  • But then the surprise would fade away. This way at the very first second you see the ad it seems like an usual billboard standing side of the road. But after a few seconds later you see that you are actually in a car which is upside down.

    So, I think it works better this way.