Fever Ray Stranger Than Kindness

Karin Dreijer Andersson of Swedish electronic duo The Knife, has released a music video for “Stranger Than Kindness”, one of her recent tracks released under the performing name of Fever Ray along with Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid. The Stranger Than Kindness music video explores subtleties of light and colour in a range of dark eerie settings, continuing Karin’s regular use of masks, pitch shifting and theatrical device. Karin and her collaborators interact with lasers, lamps and moonlight.

Ray of light in Fever Ray Stranger Than Kindness music video


The Stranger Than Kindness track was originally written by Australians Nick Cave and Anita Lane, and recorded by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on their 1986 album, Your Funeral, My Trial.

Filming was shot by Swedish director Andreas Nilsson.

Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid are Henrik von Sivers and Peder Mannerfelt.


Stranger than kindness
Bottled light from hotels
Spilling everything
Wet hand from the volcano
Sobers your skin
Stranger than Kindness
You caress yourself
And grind my soft cold bones below
Your map of desire
Burned in your flesh
Even a fool can come
A strange lit stair
And find a rope hanging there
Stranger than kindness

Keys rain like heaven’s hair
There is no home there is no bread
We sit at the gate and scratch
The gaunt fruit of passion
Dies in the light
Stranger than kindness

Your sleeping hands journey
They loiter
Stranger than kindness
You hold me so carelessly close
Tell me I’m dirty
Stranger than kindness

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