Feel Up at Breast Fest

Rethink Breast Cancer‘s “Breast Fest” event is being promoted with “Feel Up”, a touchy feely PSA trailer. The film festival, being run on November 20 to 22, will feature films “About Her”, “Heart of the Sea”, “Stage IV – Journey Into the Unknown”, “Life Is The Main Thing”, “Jonna’s Body, Please Hold”, and “In The Family”.

Breast Fest Feel Up PSA

Feel Up

A couple sit in Toronto’s Fox theatre, clearly moved by the film they’re watching to do something about breast cancer.

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Breast Fest, being held in Toronto in November, uses the versatile medium of film to frame and explore the spectrum of issues surrounding breast cancer. This annual festival uses films, panels, workshops and speakers to connect people to the breast cancer cause, inspire dialogue, facilitate learning and foster community. Follow the festival’s progress on the Breast Fest Twitter channel.

Video Blog

Rethink’s VP, Alison Gordon, is on set at the 2009 Breast Fest Film Festival PSA shoot in Toronto.

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The Breast Fest advertising campaign was developed pro bono at Juniper Park, Toronto. Filming was shot by director Kathi Prosser with director of photography Miro Bashak.