Gospel Truth in Auckland

St Matthew in the City, a progressive Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand, presents its creative interpretation of the Bible with three paintings retouched for the 21st century.

“Feeding of the Five Thousand”, an adaptation of the painting by Ambrosius Francken the Elder (1544-1618). The painting depicts one of the New Testament stories in which Jesus gives his disciples the challenge of feeding a large crowd, starting with five loaves and two fish. A magnifying glass is used to speculate on “The Gospel Truth”.

Feeding of the Five Thousand at St Matthew in the City

St Matthew in the City Jesus turning Water into Wine

St Matthew in the City Jesus Healing the Blind


The Gospel Truth campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi Auckland by executive creative director Todd Waldron, creative director Paul Taylor, art director Rene Van Wonderen and James Bowman, copywriters Ben Pegler and Leon Hayward, with retouching done by Woody and The Lounge.