Fanta Mime Dance

Coca Cola is promoting Fanta in France with “Mime”, a commercial features an animated girl Gigi dancing to “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, a 2008 track by English duo The Ting Tings. What begins as an embarrassing moment for Gigi turns into a chance for face saving mime and dance, flavoured with Fanta. Plus C’est Fanta. Moins C’est Serieux! “Less Serious. More Fanta.”

Fanta Mime


The Mime campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by creative directors Jeff Curry and Aaron Griffiths, creative director/art director Merv Rey, creative director/copywriter Tristan Kincaid, executive producer Melanie Baublis and account manager Kirk Peterson.

Animation was developed at Psyop by creative directors Marie Hyon and Marco Spier with executive producer Lucia Grillo, producer Carol Collins, art director Gerald Ding, designer Jaye Kim, storyboard artist Ben Chan, lead technical director Pakorn Bupphavesa, lead compositor Jason Conradt, previz artists Jae Ham and Pat Porter, modelers Tony Jung, Genessa Chamberlain and Jason Vega, rigger Lee Wolland, animators Jae Ham, Pat Porter, James Hundertmark, Kyle Mohr, Michael Shin, Dave Barison, Gooshun Wang, liquid FX artist Oyekunle Jegede, texture artists Alvin Bae, Eban Bryne, lighting specialist Florian Witzel, tracking artist Joerg Liebold, compositors Fred Kim, Gabriel Regentin, and Flame assist Jeen Lee. Editor was Cass Vanini.

Music was produced at Q Department , New York.