Extreme LED Sheep for Samsung

Samsung is promoting its LCD television screens with what has turned out to be an effective viral campaign, “Extreme LED Sheep”. A group of sheep dog trainers, The Baa-Studs, took to the hills of Wales ready to do their magic with sheep, bordier collies, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing range of LED displays.

Sheep with LED lights, border collie dog and shepherd

We’re shown the sheep in action during the daytime, becoming one large black and white sheep, before being introduced to the power of LED lighting. Sheep are herded back and across, up and down the hills to enact a giant game of pong, recreate Leonardo Baa Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, and a fireworks display. The YouTube video, which at this point has had 1,791,074 views, points to Samsung.com/LED and encourages a search for Samsung LED TV.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Extreme Shepherding features the Baa-Studs: Emris the Electrician Williams, Gerry the Player Lewis, Rob the LED Master Jones, Georgia Davis, Bernard the General Llewellyn, Wyn Griffiths and Rhys Francis.

The Extreme LED Sheep campaign was developed and seeded by The Viral Factory, London, directed by James Rouse, with director of photography Richard Stewart and producer Jon Stopp.

Editor was Owen Oppenheimer at The Quarry.

Post production and visual effects were designed at The Moving Picture Company, London by Dave Haupt, Tom Cardo-Moreno, Claire Musgrave-Brown, Ashley Tyas, Olivier Jezequel, with offline editor Owen Oppenheimer, and producer Josh King.

Audio post production was done at Unit Post Production by senior dubbing mixer Kim Storey.