Exploit Yourself for Nike Runner

Nike was provided with the gift of “Exploit Yourself” in June 2009, a spec commercial directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and produced at Big Lazy Robot, featuring a robotic parkour free runner who makes the city his plaything. “Exploit Yourself” talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it, with an internal contest seeking faster runs, quicker movements, higher jumps, bringing strength, pain, muscle, sweat, determination and thirst.

Exploit Yourself

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Exploit Yourself was shot by RSA Films director Carl Erik Rinsch. Animation was produced at Big Lazy Robot. Music is “The Big Gun Down” by The Prodigy. Music in the ‘making of’ film is Ratamahatta by Sepultura.

Sound design and original music for the Nike adaptation were produced at Bongo Post & Music by sound designer Chris Konovaliv and post creative director/composer Bob Smith.