E*Trade Babies in 2009

E*Trade, (E-Trade Financial Corporation), came back with a second campaign featuring talking babies for the Super Bowl 2009, a follow up to the two spots shown in 2008. The ads point self-directed investors to their online discount stock brokerage service.

E Trade baby with Golfer

Singing Baby – Wings

The ETrade baby talks about the need to respond to difficult financial times with the help of E*Trade. A second baby responds to the words, “Rise again”, with an attempt to sing the 1985 Mr Mister hit, “Take These Broken Wings”. “What, I can’t flex the golden pipes?”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Golf Baby

The E*TRADE Baby tells Frank, his golf buddy, to take charge of his finances with E*TRADE. “The ball was on the cart path! Try reading the rules Shankapotamous!”

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The E*Trade Babies campaign was developed at Grey, New York, by chief creative officer Tor Myhren, executive creative director Noel Cottrell, creative director/art director Paul Behnen, art director Amy Ferguson, copywriters Eli Terry and Randy Krallman, agency executive producer Bennett McCarroll, agency producer Alison Horn.

Filming was shot by director Randy Krallman via Smuggler, New York, who also provided the voice over for the key baby. Executive producer was Allison Kunzman.

Editor was Joshua Berger at Cosmo Street.

Visual effects were developed at Framestore, with the team led by head of production Laney Gradus, senior Flame artists Alex Thomas and Raul Ortego, with Tom Leckie and Mindy Dubin.

Graphics were designed at Speedshape. Sound was designed at Sound Lounge.