Pampero Ephemeral Museum in Lisbon

Leo Burnett Lisbon is promoting the Pampero Rum brand in Portugal, with the Pampero Fundación sponsored Ephemeral Museum, an open-air museum exhibiting work by a variety of street artists. The first Ephemeral Museum (Museu Efemero), located in Bairro Alto, in the heart of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, features the works of international artists Dolk and Jef Aerosol, as well as national artists in the making of pieces such as Efeito Magenta and O Colectivo Bitmap. From January 29 on two new sites will open, in São Bento and Amoreiras.

Image from Ephemeral Museum

The Museum team began with a careful analysis of street art manifestations (graffiti, stencils, stickers) in order to separate true art from vandalism. Campaign staff identified and catalogued the works by author and title.

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The Ephemeral Museum web site (, provides a space where vistors can investigate the artists’ work, download audio-guides in Portuguese and English, and print out a route map, and of course learn more about the Pampero brand.

Image from Ephemeral Museum

Chacho Puebla, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Portugal, provides his view of where the project is headed.

“The Museum is more alive than ever. The idea of expanding these spaces was in our train-of-thought when we decided to go forth with the project. We’re trying to make it grow, not only in new Portuguese cities but in Europe and other parts of the world. It’s a powerful idea that will certainly make Pampero’s image grow in the market. This is our true objective.”

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