Empire of the Sun Standing on the Shore

Australian band Empire of the Sun has released a third music video in their colourful fantasy series, Standing on the Shore, providing a follow up to Walking on a Dream and We Are the People. Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore put on their costumes once more as the Empire forges on…

Empire of the Sun Standing on the Shore music video

The Empire forges on in the Northern lands of the most isolated city in the world. The Salt Fish Girls appear from their abyss and discover Emperor Steele. The journey continues.

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Filming was shot at Lancelin, near Perth, by director Josh Logue via Mathematics, Sydney, and choreographed by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton of Perth dance company Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT).

  • nayeli gudalupe sanchez ortiz

    utedes son los mejores del mundo mas por ti luke steele tu sigue asi eres super y bonitas canciones eh…
    cuenta con mi apoyo bye
    echale muchas ganas mil kiss…..

  • Caroline

    It’s sad Nick left before this one was shot. I’m sure he would’ve played a cool role in it.
    Well now that he’s been back since late 2010, and already recorded sone new tracks as Nick said in a Musicnews interview, I am DYING to hear the new Empyrean album!!!