Emotional Cities in Sweden

Cold winters in Sweden are notorious for their effect on the emotions of the Swedish public, a trend highlighted in Emotional Cities, an award-winning interactive site connected with large buildings in Stockholm and Seoul. The campaign, launched in November 2007, is still live in 2009.

How are you today?

Stockholm agency Farfar collaborated with artist Erik Krikortz to design a system in which the emotional state of Stockholm residents is lit up on sky scrapers of Hötorget in the very center of Stockholm. Participants log in to update their mood, join groups, keep a mood diary or just check out the current mood of cities around the world. The campaign was launched in Seoul, South Korea, in February 2008, presented on LED screens at the SK T-Tower, in collaboration with Cyworld, a community of approximately 20 million members.

Emotional Cities Green skyscraper Emotional Cities Green skyscraper

Forfar developed code to allow registrants to display their emotional state on their own computers or on their Facebook profile. Devolopers were given freedom to create their own applications by making an open API for Emotional Cities.

Emotional Cities featured in an exhibition at the Stockholm Modern Museum, providing information to the public and an opportunity to participate.

Emotional Cities Green skyscraper


Emotional Cities project won a Silver at the One Show, a Bronze at the Clio Awards, and a Gold and Slver at the London International Awards.

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