Ecological Business Cards

Fischer Portugal recently had the challenge of designing an ecological business card for an environmental consultant, Andrea Romani. Business cards are usually made of paper. But using paper, even recycled, is not good for the environment. To avoid this issue, the advertising agency decided not to print any cards at all. Instead they created a rubber stamp to turn re-usable material into business cards.

Ecological Business Card

Ecological Business Card


The Ecological Business Card was developed at Fischer Portugal, Lisbon, by creative director Diogo Mello, art director Marco Martins and copywriter Rafael Pitanguy.

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  • Oli Walker

    I trust it was natural rubber, and vegetable based ink… !

  • Shoebox

    Same thing in a more appropriate form factor would be excellent.

  • Stephanie B.

    Just came across your post. I found it informative for me and I’m sure many others. I did also have small trouble subscribing to the blog but figured it out; I’m still a 2-finger typist :) . Thank you and keep your blogging spirit going strong.

  • Fred

    A very cool, economic and ecological idea !