Earth Day EveryDay in Denver

Earth Day has been celebrated on March 20 every year since 2005 in Denver, Colorado. Marking the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, the day was first introduced to the United Nations by Denver peace activist John McConnell in in 1969. The Integer Group, a Denver advertising agency, made the most of the environmental angle in 2008 with this print advertisement for Tide Coldwater laundry detergent. “Earth Day. Everyday. Every Load. Tide Coldwater is better in cold than others in warm and saves 80% of energy.” The copy needs a lot of work but the visual concept is memorable.

Tide Earth Day print advertisement


The Earth Day ad was developed at The Integer Group, Denver, by creative director Jeff Koslowski, associate creative director Patty Kulich, art director James York, copywriter Scott Johnson, illustration and photography by Indigo Studios, Atlanta.