Durex Balloon Animals Get It On

Durex condoms are given a workout in “Get It On”, a humorous demonstration by animation company Superfad, winning a gold CLIO award this year for Viral Marketing and a silver Clio for animation. The video is inspired by a set of three stills by Brooklyn photographer Arian Camilleri, featuring dogs, bears and rabbits.

Condom Dogs by Arian Camilleri

Condom BEars by Arian Camilleri

Condom Rabbits by Arian Camilleri

Get It On

Two balloon dogs, pink and blue, begin the Durex spot with some mutual pleasuring. The spot becomes a little complicated with the arrival of an orange balloon dog. Also see OutTake 1, Out Take 2 and Out Take 3.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Durex Get It On campaign was developed at Fitzgerald + Co, Atlanta, by chief creative officer Eddie Synder, chief broadcast officer Christine Sigety, associate creative director Jerry Williams, group creative director Fernando Lecca.

Animation was designed at Superfad, New York, by creative director Rob Rugan, art director Andrew Stubbs Johnston, director of animation and lighting Mike Wharton, CG animator Dave Thomlison, modeller Domel Libid, compositor Adrian Winter, producer Mike Tockman, executive producer Geraint Owen.

Sound was designed at Gramercy Post by senior sound designer Joe Mendelson and sound designer Joel Raabe.

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