Drumstick Summer Parade

Nestle Australia presents the Drumstick icecream as an essential part of the Australian summer experience in “Summer Parade”, a television commercial released this month. The spot follows on from the success of the 2007 “Summer Ritual” campaign.

Nestle Drumsticks in Summer Parade television commercial

Crowds gather in the street to watch the The Summer Parade, sponsored by Nestle Drumstick. First up are the sunburnt waists in thongs towing a sun balloon. The barbecues are followed up by a giant mean fly swatter. Thongs (rubber sandals) pave the way for the Budgie Smugglers Association of Australia. A giant sandcastle is accompanied by squadrons of flying lawn sprinklers. And finally it’s time for the Drumstick float…

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Summer Parade was developed at Publicis Mojo, Melbourne, by creative director Darren Spiller, art director Christy Peacock, copywriters Leon Wilson and Sean Larkin, agency producers Corey Esse and Tuesday Picken.

Filming was shot by directing team Nice Trees (Germain McMicking and Ben Saunders), via The Directors Group and animation director Josh Simmonds of Iloura, with producers Sigi Eimutis, Magdalena Bisogni, Craig Griffin, and editor Chris Betteridge.

Music was the responsibility of Level Two, Melbourne.

  • AR

    As an autralian i have to say I HATE THIS AD SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, the previous Drumstick Ad was much better and way funnier….

  • Sarah

    One of the worst ads I have ever seen. WAY too much CGI. Don’t try so hard, Nestle.

  • Sarah

    Oh, and those flower-covered giant mouths with the ominous music? Freakin’ terrifying.

  • Andy

    Was Jeff Soto consulted/involved in this ad in any way i wonder? or was his style just ‘adapted’?

  • Em

    Well I love it! Can anyone tell us the name of the song?

  • candy

    hmm something a tad strange with this ad, i thought.. jeez someone has ripped off Jeff Soto‘s art BIG TIME!.

  • Nicole

    I LOVED the ‘Drumstick Summer Parade’ ad! just brilliant. SO AUSSIE in every way.. GREAT WORK!!

  • benjamin

    wow so much venom, I think this commercial is brilliant its got beautiful humour threaded through it and the freaky animated ‘icons’ of an aussie summer are fabulous…Why would anyone be so offended by something so light hearted that they refuse to eat the product anymore? please relax and try not to take it so seriously

  • Lea

    i agree with benjamin. Put your energy into something you love not something you hate. I can understand how you might think that the animation was ripped of jeff soto however I have noticed this now common style of art and it is so vast that it may just be a trend and there is nothing wrong with trends.