Drink and Drown Dancing

Royal Life Saving Association of Western Australia has released an artful warning about the dangers of drinking alcohol and swimming. The television commercial continues a campaign launched in 2003 aimed at Western Australians in the 15 to 29 age group, and members and staff of community groups, clubs, events and hotels near or based around aquatic environments.

Drowning Dancer

Wer’e shown a guy dancing at a party, with a swimming pool through the window. The clip edits together drunken dancing, and drunken drowning. “Alcohol makes you more confident and less coordinated which you can deal with, unless you are in the water. Don’t drink and drown.”

Drink and Drown Dancing Credits

The Drink and Drown campaign was developed at 303, Perth, by creative director Lindsey Medalia, creatives Dav Tabeshfar and Richard Berney, agency producer Phoebe Dunn.

Filming was shot by director Richard Berney via Split Screen, Perth, with producer Lee Guy-Wallis, director of photography Allan Myles.

Sound was designed by Brad Habib at Soundbyte Studios. Editor was Matt Osborne.