Dodge Baby Made On Board

Chrysler’s Dodge was released on the Belgian market in 2007 as THE macho car brand. In 2008, the challenge was to sell the first Dodge family wagon while strengthening the macho image of the Dodge brand. Proximity BBDO came up with the concept of “Baby Made On Board”, a play on the “Baby on Board” stickers seen in the back of many family cars. Having a family car should be seen as a sign of virility, not the end of it. The Baby on Board campaign focused on conception, inviting prospects to test the backseat of the Dodge Journey, and make a baby during the test drive. The campaign won two Promo Lions at Cannes International Advertising Festival, a Gold and a Bronze, and a Gold at the Golden Awards of Montreux in the Web/Online/Viral/CD category.

Dodge Baby Made on Board sign

Baby made on board stickers were handed out, e-mails were sent and posters were put out, all leading to the website. Here visitors were given the challenge of taking a Dodge Journey for a test drive on June 14 and 15, 2008. A free Dodge Journey would be awarded to the couple with a baby born closest to March 8 2009.

Dodge Baby Made on Board site

Visitors were invited to spread the message by sending an interactive, baby tickling e-card to their girlfriend, or making fun of their friends with an e-card highlighting the importance of ‘coming’ together. Virtual training in baby-making was equally possible. The campaign was supported with funny radio commercials.

Dodge Baby Made on Board billboard

Gorgeous Dodge girls playing in the wet at car shows drew attention to the Dodge showrooms. Pregnancy test predictors were given to every couple that went for a backseat test drive.

The campaign was more than fruitful: a total of 72 babies speaks for itself! The action became the talk of the day on many blogs around the world, from Brazil to Russia. It was picked-up by national and international media (press, radio), national and international, and no less than 137,000 articles were published online. On the 10th of March, baby David was born, and a Dodge Journey was handed over to the proud parents.

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The Made On Board campaign was developed at Proximity BBDO Brussels, Belgium. Proximity BBDO has decided not to list specific names onto their credit lists they send out to the press and add on to award-entries. Instead they state “Job done by Proximity Team”. However representing the team at Cannes were head of creation Gert Pauwels, creative director Vincent Daenan, copywriter Willem Van den Hoof, art director Klaartje Galle and online art director Geert Feytons.

Website image via Klaartje Galle’s Flickr channel

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