Do Re Mi in Antwerp for VTM

VTM, a television station in Belgium, recently used a flash mob dance stunt to announce their newest reality television program “Op zoek naar Maria”. The promotion, similar to T-Mobile’s ad set in Liverpool St Station In London, is promoting the program’s search for an an actress to play the leading role in the The Sound of Music.

Maria SOund of Music Dancers

On Monday morning, March 23, commuters were introduced to the recording of Julie Andrews singing the song, “Do Re Mi”, as recorded for the 1965 musical, Sound of Music. 200 dancers strategically placed in the crowd began to dance as a remix of the track came through the speakers.

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  • Steve in Denver

    I love this video and I’d love to know who did the remix of Do Re Mi. Is it available anywhere as an mp3 or on a cd, or was it done especially for this project? can anyone help?

  • Sven

    The name of the remix is : Do re mi remix from dj wout.
    but I don’t find the track anywhere.
    if someone will find the track, please mail me.

    I hope I’ve helped you.

    • Starm

      Please tell me you found it !!! I love this song but impossible to find this version… could you help me ??? Please contact me if you do !!! Thanks !

  • Jacqueline Reuss

    totally dismayed that I cannot send this to my music professor; the whole class would have enjoyed it; why do you make it so difficult?

  • LaDean

    You can watch it all day long on You Tube:

  • lasa
  • Studly

    Found it … it’s not DJ Wout, it’s DJ Weasl and it’s on YouTube