Dix on Obsessive Compulsive Walking

Dix (or Ten) is a darkly comic short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive behaviour. Mixing live action and animation, the film explores the psychological state of Marc, a man who counts to ten as he steps on paving stones. Marc needs paving stones in order to be able to get about, as he’s frightened by the idea of walking on lines. He follows a treatment to get over his phobia. The film is an illustration of Marc’s psychological state, progressively unfolding a graphic and aesthetic representation of his introspection, while he confronts his inner fears which lie behind his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Dix Paving Stones

Click on the image below to play the video.. Warning: The film includes graphic imagery which may disturb sensitive viewers.


Dix stars French actors Ian Faure (Marc), Lucien Momy (Marc as a child) and Alain Choquet (Monsieur X).

Dix was directed by Bif (Jules Janaud, Fabrice Le Nezet and Francois Roisin).

Filming was produced by Nicholas Schmerkin, Autour de Minuit, director of photography Reynald Capurro.

Post production was done at The Mill, London, produced by Stephen Vennin.

Sound was designed by John Baptist St Pol at Dune Sound and mixed by Guillaume Leriche. Music was composed by Raphael Martinez-Bachel (Azel).


Dix has won the Jury Award at Siggraph Computer Animation Festival, the Shoot Young Directors Award, the Silver Méliès at International Fantasy Film Festival of Brussels 2009, the Best Short Film in less than 15 minutes at Anifest Trebon and Teplice International Animated Film Festival, the Grand Prix Cocotte Minute at Brest European Short Film Festival 2008, the Silver Dragon for best animation at Cracow International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2009, Prix RTP2 Onda Curta at Lisbon IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival 2009, Prize for Best Animation at Zinebi International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Bilbao 2008, along with awards at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2009 and Larissa Mediterranean Festival of New Directors 2009.