Diet Pepsi Forever Young

Diet Pepsi is linked with the quest for youthfulness in two television commercials from Canada. Men drinking Diet Pepsi are asked if there is anything besides their drink they’d like to experience again.

Diet Pepsi wedgie scene


An office worker, given the chance for another experience of youth, opts for recess in his everyday work. The exhilaration of ten minutes out on the streets with his mates is tempered by an inevitable wedgie.

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A male Diet Pepsi drinker chooses to experience the Sleepover once again with his adult chums. Pillow fights were great fun but being sat on is another thing…

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The Forever Young campaign was developed at BBDO Toronto by creative director Ian Mackellar, art director Andrew Hart, copywriter Adam Bailey, agency producer Angela Carrol.

Filming was shot by Joachim Back via Partners Film, Toronto, with director of photography Jim Frohna, executive producer Gigi Realini, producer Albert Botha.

Editing was done by Griff Henderson at School Editing, Toronto. Music and sound design were the responsibility of Hilary Albers at Ricochet, Toronto.

Film director Joachim Back gives some of his perspective on the ads…

“The storytelling aspect of the scripts got my attention: playing with the contrast between hope and disaster as grown-up people try to re-live childhood but gloss over the truth of it. It was also fun to create a childhood environment with grown-ups…watch them go back to their childhood days, be more free and have fun. Everyone should do that once in a while.”