Diet Dr Pepper for I Exist Support Group

Dr Pepper continues the “We Exist” campaign focusing on the unbelievably satisfying Diet Dr Pepper, online at WeExist is the online community where the unbelievable can communicate and connect with others like them, including Santa Claus, Sasquatch, Alien, Leprechaun, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Diet Dr Pepper Unbelievable Characters

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny find another character who has trouble convincing people he exists – the guy who wants to tell people that Diet Dr Pepper has 23 flavors and zero calories and is unbelievably satisfying. Click on the image below to play the I Exist Support Group video.

The I Exist Support Group tries to work out who is the most unbelievable figure in the room: Santa Claus or the guy who delivers a “satisfying diet drink.” As the characters, Sasquatch, Alien, Leprechaun and the Tooth Fairy look on, the Easter Bunny declares a tie between the nervous contestants. “There’s only one way to settle this!” the Tooth Fairy exclaims, pouring a glass of Diet Dr Pepper for Sasquatch. Click on the image below to play the Unbelievable Contest video.


The Unbelievable ads were developed at Deutsch, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer Eric Hirschberg, group creative director Chris Ribiero Sr, designer Marius Gedgaudas, senior producer Tracy Jones, group account director Valencia Gayles, account director Helen Murray.

Animation/filming was produced at Bent Image Lab, Portland, Oregon, by director Ken Lidster, executive producer Ray di Carlo, senior producer Tsui Ling Toomer, producer Kara Place, coordinator Ryan Shanholtzer, director of photography Mark Eifert, product shoot director of photography Jay Wesley Jones
stage manager Jim Birkett, art director/set designer Curt Enderle, art department director Solomon Burbridge, art department Greg Fosmire, Marty Easterday, Kimi Kaplowitz, Mary Blankenburg, Daniel Miller, Huy Vu, Jayme Hansen, Kate Fenker, Brandi Cochrane, storyboard artist Steve Hess, character designers Brett Superstar, Steve Hess, Monique Ligons, Colin Batty, principal animators Jerold Howard, Jeff Riley, editorial supervisor JD Dawson, after effects supervisor Tarn Fox, composite artists (after effects) Orland Nutt and Brian Kinkley, composite artist (2D) Traci Cook.

“The support group is just a brilliant setting,” Lidster said. “It allows us to find out what really makes some of the world’s most beloved mythical characters tick. It’s clear they’ve needed an outlet for their existential fears for some time, and we hope to keep the ‘I Exist!’ group going long enough to help them out.”

Bent created duplicates of the sets and triples of the nine-inch-high characters to streamline production. They then shot the stop-motion on high-resolution digital cameras. Certain shots, such as the soda pour, were done on one of the studio’s in-house Red cameras, using the Red Ultra Prime lenses.

Post production was done at Mission Control, Portland, Oregon, by colorist Mike Quinn.

Audio post production was done at Lime Studios.